A Typical Day Diving With Sharks

  • Meet at our office next to the yacht club.
  • Have breakfast while chatting to us and a safety briefing.
  • Board the boat and ride to the shark site.
  • Wait for some sharks to appear!

We meet at our office at the commercial slip next door to the yacht club. We like out clients to be there an hour before launch time so you can relax, have some breakfast, chat to our staff and listen to the safety and boat trip briefing.

The trip from the dock to the shark site is only about ten minutes so there is no long and tedious boat ride. In fact, Mossel Bay has the most accessible white sharks in the world. The bay is also very protected so our sea conditions are normally very calm and comfortable. The crew will provide a briefing concerning the cage diving on the boat.

white shark africa diving trip

To find the sharks we have to bait and chum. The baits and chum are natural marine products. We do not use anything that is not natural to the sharks and the environment.  It can take several minutes or several hours for the first shark to appear and while we enjoy a high success rate, you need to understand that nothing is guaranteed.

Once we have sharks at the boat, the cage will go into the water and the diving will begin. Topside viewing is exciting for the non-diver and as the shark works very close to the surface you will have plenty of opportunity to take some action shots.

This is not a jaws movie set so we do our best not to have the sharks banging into the boat and cage as this injures them and produces a false impression.

A trip generally lasts for +- four hours and we offer a light lunch, snacks and drinks on the boat and there is plenty of opportunity to chat to our staff and ask questions.  Upon return to the dock, we offer afternoon tea and hand out the certificate of the day to all our guests.

What To Bring Along

*Buffet Breakfast at launch site
*Light lunch, snacks and  refreshments on the boat
*Diving  & Viewing
*Wet suites & Dive equipment supplied and available in all sizes
*Afternoon tea on return to shore
*Certificate of your White Shark Experience

Do Not Board the boat without:

Sunscreen, Towel, swimwear ( if diving) Camera, hat or cap(we sell really nice ones)warm jacket. If you are prone to motion sickness please make sure you purge either before or after you get on or off our boat or…….(jokes set aside)  take a seasickness tablet the night before and again 2 hours prior to boarding the boat.


7 Church Street, Bayside Centre, Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa
Phone +27 (0)44 691 3796
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Email info@whitesharkafrica.com