The characteristics of RESPONSIBILITY IN BUSINESS is once again a contentious point when corruption, lack of ethics and scruples, as well as all forms of mismanagement, takes precedence over the basics of good business control. The emphasis on transparent, accountable business practice slowly (sometimes fast) “drifts” away from owners and/or management, once a certain level of financial prosperity is reached. It has become all too common for businesses to revert to gorilla marketing tactics, without knowing how to control or manage the influx of business through the door. This brings along shortcuts, staff-management issues, auditing and taxation infringements and a host of characteristics not matching either the industry businesses are in, or the market they are serving.

At no point is this lack of responsibility, created by flourishing boosts in business, a sustainable model. Invariably, there are businesses that functions successfully for years utilizing “under the radar” tactics to maximise profit, but the majority using the “see no evil, hear no evil” approach, eventually suffer great losses through overdue, compounded maintenance, high staff-turnover, market-snubbing, negative social media and lack of projection against national and international economic down-turns.

Responsible business is a visible, durable and consumer-friendly model – tried and tested to withstand most market low’s, while keeping in place a certain level of guaranteed trade. Doing business within the realms of Ethics and Conduct, keeping an eye on good trends and upgraded critical path systems, will ensure keen consumer participation. The Go Group embraces this philosophy, supporting as much as possible, other entities incorporating RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICE.