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Plett Seal Adventures

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Plett Seal Adventures offers you a once in a lifetime encounter with wild marine mammals in Plettenberg Bay. (#bucketlist #adventure)  Come and live a unique interaction with the highly social and curious Cape Fur Seals. We’ll take you on a 1.5-hour journey in which we’ll share the beauty of the ocean, the environment, the history of Plettenberg Bay and the Robberg and a memorable immersion with these fantastic playful creatures.
The Red Mermaid (our 8 m Super Duck with 2 x 115
Suzuki motors) and skipper are fully licensed. Owner | Skipper Chris has over 24-year diving and skippering experience, making him one of the longest serving skippers in our beautiful bay.
Due to Chris experience over the years it took him from East to West (Mozambique to Gabon) and from South to North (Cape Town to the Red Sea). In South Africa he was active in diving tourism and marine exploration in Umkomaas, Sodwana Bay and the Wild coast.


Plett Seal Adventures is dedicated to supporting research and conservation of the marine ecosystem. We are volunteering boat time for local ocean exploration. Our efforts have been recognized by the National SPCA “The 1997 Gold medal in Bravery for saving a baby dolphin”. We are actively involved in the social-economic uplift of the community in the Pondoland, on the Wild Coast. We want to share our passion for the ocean and its creatures with you! Plett Seal Adventures provides intimate marine wildlife experiences for everyone. From the first email to the departing handshake, we aim to give honest advice and thorough planning to provide you with an unforgettable journey.

Should I be concerned about sharks?   No. We use a shark deterrent, Shark Shield. It is noninvasive nor harmful to the either the sharks or the environment. However, the sharks avoid the electric impulse generated by the Shark Shield – it causes a buzz on their lateral and frontal electro receptors. We suspect it makes them want to sneeze! We swim among the endemic Cape Fur seals in the colony at the foot of the Robberg Peninsula. The water is shallow and visibility is (normally) very good, the skipper keeps the boat as close to the swimmers as possible without impairing the experience or annoying the seals. Seals are curious and very social – they may approach swimmers and may even mistake you for one of them! In this endemic seal colony, you will observe the interactions between the protective bulls, the pups and their mothers.

Do I need to be an Olympic swimmer?  If you are capable of comfortably floating in water and can keep your head above water without panicking you are welcome to join the expedition. We do not swim long distances and typically stay within of a 20m radius from the boat. Life jackets and wetsuits provide buoyancy; additional flotation devices e.g. life vests are provided. We also offer blow up wings…. if need be we will tie you to the boat…☺. Let us know if you are not strong swimmer and we’ll keep an extra eye on you. The guide will be in the water with you.

Trip Schedule?  Daily 7 days a week |  Three trips per day (weather permitting):

1st leaving at 10h00 (Meeting 30 min before.)
2nd Leaving at 12h00 (Meeting 30 min before.)
3rd leaving at 14h00 (Meeting 30 min before.)

Check our online calendar for available dates  :  BOOK NOW


House of Hope

HOUSE OF HOPE is a NON PROFIT ASSOCIATION (NO. 081-734) founded June 2009.

When we started our activity we assisted about 30 children, but the number of children has increased rapidly and today more than 400 children are receiving one meal a day.We know the names of all our little guests, we know their needs.

The Management of our Organisation in South Africa consists of 10 members (4 South African citizens, 6 Swiss citizens).  To help the poorest YOUTH from Kranshoek giving them one meal every day.  Kranshoek is located outside Plettenberg Bay, populated mainly by very poor,  with little opportunities to get a job and support themselves.  All donations received by House of Hope are used exclusively for the benefit of all children we assist.  
Banking details for donations has to be placed into our NPO Bank account : 
First National Bank 
Account Name : House of Hope Non-Profit Organization 
Account Number :  6225 611 0322 
Branch Code :  210514  (Plettenberg Bay) 
International Swift Code :  FIRNZAJJ
For more information: 
Contact Stephanie (082 261 0542) or Michela (071 423 3441).   
Email : | 

Casa Monica

Welcome to Casa Monica.  

Traditional South African Cuisine